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Miki Mouse Crown

Knitting and knitting both relieves stress and makes our loved ones happy
There is no child who doesn’t like miki mouse.
I chose to make her happy while I was knitting.
I’ve looked a bit from somewhere but I’ll share it a little bit nonetheless it was more improvised.
The bow tie part was particularly pleasant as I tried to improvise myself, especially if I didn’t comply with the tariff.
I hope you like this practical work and try it yourself. Miki mouse is ready for your molestation!

A list of materials;

  • Any color tac
     – Black and red rope
     – 2.5 mm crochet hook


  • x, pinch
     – dc, double railing
     – DCA, dual rail reduction
     – zn, chain
  • SLST, stitching
  • HDC, half railing
  • hdcv, half railing

1- Magic ring into 10 HDC, SLST (10)
 2- 2zn, 10hdcv, slst (20)
3- 2zn, (1hdc, 1hdcv) 10 times, slst (30)
4- 2ZN, (2HDC, LHDDC) 10 times, SLST (40)
5- 2ZN, (3HDC, LHDDC) 10 times, SLST (50)
4 pieces of the same. After finishing the 2 pieces, we do not cut the rope in the second piece, we draw 1zn and put it on top of the other piece and then combine it with the reverse frequent needle. One ear is ready, we prepare the other in the same way and sew them in place.

1-) We pull 16 chains. starting from the second 14x, after knitting between 2 and 24 rows after knitting we combine the middle edges with crochet knitting. With the remaining rope, we shape the bow by shrinking.
Note; I became softer than I kept my crochet big.
I bought a thin wire tac and wrapped around it from top to bottom with a tig, as you can see in the photo you can make any color you want.

Miki Mouse Your crown is ready!

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