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Washcloth Pattern Samples

Red Rose Pattern Fiber Model:
We made a difference in our red rose patterned fiber model and used two colors for the sole. Thus, the white color frame view that we use for its surroundings has been given to Atakoykbb.com. We start knitting with the color we have chosen for the frame. We make 25 peanuts and knit 2 rows of stars on it. When we move to the 3rd row, we knit 2 stars and continue to knit stars with yellow thread. We knit the last two stars with white yarn again.

When we move to the 4th row, we start to set up the rose pattern in the template. We do not forget to center our pattern as we did in our previous models. When the pattern is finished as in the picture, we finish our fiber by knitting a star from 1 row of yellow and 2 rows of white thread. You can complete the fiber by going to the edges as you wish.

Male and female swan pattern fiber:

You will like the pattern of our male and female swan patterned fiber model, and you will also be very pleased with its size. Because you will see that it is much more useful than square or other dimensions.
We start knitting our fiber by choosing the base color. After pulling a few chains, we make 15 peanuts. We move to the next level and continue by making a star, sislikent.com. After making 3 rows of stars, after making 5 stars in the 4th row, we make 5 peanuts and then we continue to make stars. When we move to the next row, we make stars on the peanuts we made. Thus, as you can see in the picture, we form the holding part of our fiber.

You can determine the length of your fiber yourself, but we found 44-45 rows sufficient. You can place the model you want by centering it in the length you specified. After knitting 10 rows for the swan model, we started to build the model in the 11th row by following the template. After our model is finished, we knit 6 more rows and we did the holding part in the 7th row as we explained before. After making 2 more rows of stars, our fiber was finished and we went to the edges.

You can use leftover yarn in your home for the eyes and wings of swans. It is a very nice model to use in your own dowry, at home or as a gift to someone else. I wish you to use it in happy days.

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