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Amigurumi Spiral Shell Free Crochet Pattern

I am trying to make a spiral shell, I try hard but it happened at the end,
I researched it on the internet, but I found it at the beginning of the video hours and learned it was not possible to write the open recipe.
I hope this video helps me as well as helping you. It is a very stylish accessory. I tried to knit that everyone would use it, but why did not it look good from the quality of the rope? With pattern work, these are just examples sharing.

The spiral shell knitting technique is a technique used in knitting or sewing projects. This technique adds a different touch to your work by creating a shell-shaped pattern. Here is a general explanation of how the spiral shell knitting technique is applied:

1. To begin with, choose an appropriate knitting or sewing technique to create your project. Often these techniques include plain knitting, bubble knitting or purl knitting. The spiral shell knitting technique requires a basic knowledge of knitting/sewing.

2. After starting your work, make the first stitch or knit for the shell pattern. This is the first step that will create your basic pattern.

3. To create the shell pattern, you will need to do increments and decrements in a specific order. These increases and decreases will lead to the formation of spirals that will form the shell shape.

4. To increase, knit or knit one or more stitches at a specific location in your project. These increments allow your work to expand.

5. To reduce, combine stitches or knits at a specific point in your project, or make a cut through. These reductions allow your work to shrink and create the crust pattern.

6. Create the shell pattern by repeating the increases and decreases in a certain order. Spiral-shaped shells should run harmoniously with each other.

7. Once you have completed the shell pattern, continue with your project or follow the finishing steps.

These general steps are intended to explain the spiral shell knitting technique. It can be helpful to work on a particular project or pattern and seek help from relevant resources or examples to implement it in detail.

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