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Crocheted Motif Basket

Crochet motif work this time that we share with you.
Baby motifs, baby blanket, shawl, basket. hat, tiny pillows, seat cover, scarf, you can sign all kinds of work.
The motif is easy to work with and becomes more elegant in color.
After you meet the appropriate colorsand rope quality, I hope you enjoy doing it.

We will share the narrative of crocheted roses. If you wish you can do with the “lady begged gentleman motif”, but I also want to look like the same picture in the picture you want you can do with the colors you want to complete this basket sample with a rose motif or you can do with another square motif. You can make the model of lady begged and liked. You can give a different look by giving pattern with colors.

 How to make a basket with roses;
For the basket model you can make a thick rope with a 3.0mm crochet hook.
There will be no staking of the basket sample. When made with thick rope, the model is satiated and does not bend upright. If you wish, you can do glue at home knitting with cotton rope I know it is done.
We have to connect each other like in the picture. When there are six pieces, assemble them into a ring, ie the edge of the basket is ready.
Now it’s time to build the base. I will present you a very nice template for the base.

Weave the base in accordance with the template.
When you knit your brother according to the template when you reach the desired size finish. The base should be seen this way. As in the picture…

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