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Fiber Knitting Work

We share with you our new fiber weave model. The example of fiber weave is the work that people do with this knitting technique from time to time for gift, ornament and usage.
It is a study that decorates girls’ dowry in Anatolia by embroidering in different colors and patterns or motifs. I hope you like this pattern work and share it with us.

fiber rope yellow
fiber rope white
2 mm crochet

The work starts from the middle and with the white rope
In 2nd place continues with yellow
3rd row white
4th row yellow
5th row white
In the 6th row, we continue by reproducing and filling the yellow, as in the image.
We fill the yellow tips and ornaments on them and give the tip cypresses.
Then, we pull the chain on the white channel and knit it inwards, after coming to the yellow part (6th place), we return to the place we continue with the chain and fill it out.
The decoration part is formed in this way.
Do not forget to ask where you are stuck ladies, we had a sweet fiber.

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