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Washcloth Models

We begin to weave 2 fibers by pulling 2 chains. We will make 4 fillings by pulling long on top of the chain and we will have 1 pistachio. We will create four stars by repeating the same operations.

When we start making cages, we will collect 2 peanuts in 1 crochet, so that we have to make 4 cages in this way. We will continue in this way until our order is finished. We will start by making a peanut in our second row.

Our third row is a peanut. We start by making a white star and the second star by making a rose.

As we begin our 4th row, we create 1 peanut and continue. We start by forming a peanut again. But during this time we set the stars on top of our lattice cage by setting the stars on top.

As we have knitted the crocheted fiber in the first quartet, we will do it in the same way until we run out of fiber.

We make one star white, we make the second star green, and the stalk part of our flower has emerged. When we get to the last row, we will collect a crochet by making three peanuts in blue color on top of green stars.

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