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Southeast earns exports to Middle East

Middle East countries took the first place with 45.7 percent share in the foreign sales of Southeast Anatolia Region, which increased its exports to 8.9 billion dollars in 2019.
The largest market in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, which increased its foreign sales by 5 percent in 2019 to $ 8.9 billion, became the Middle East.

Southeastern Anatolia Exporters’ Association (GAIB) data compiled by AA correspondent, according to information from the region’s exporters last year 8 billion 919 million 203 thousand dollars of exports was signed. The region’s exports in 2018 was 8 billion 480 million 714 thousand dollars.

The Middle East countries took the first place with 45.7 percent in the foreign sales of Southeastern Anatolia Region. This region was followed by EU countries with a share of 19.2 percent, followed by African countries with 13.6 percent.

Last year, products were sold to 192 countries from the region.

On a country-by-country basis, the highest exports were made to Iraq, USA, Syria, Saudi Arabia, England, Italy, Germany, Iran, Libya and Israel.
The best-selling products were machine-made carpets, yarns, fabrics, pastry products, plastics and products, milling products, vegetable oils, wood and forest products, iron and steel products and outerwear.

Gaziantep is the leading province of the region’s export with 7 billion 471 million 526 thousand dollars. Urban exports increased by 7.7 percent in 2019 compared to the previous year.
Textile and raw materials, carpet, cereal legumes oil seeds and products, chemicals and wood and forest products took the first place in exports from Gaziantep.


President Ahmet GAİB Coordinator Fikret Kileci, always said it was the pride of Turkey to the export success of the region.

Stating that they want to take this success further, Kileci said, “In 2020, we will reach better levels by organizing an intensive work program on digital transformation and foreign trade, especially on education.” said.

Kileci, Gaziantep’s weight in the region’s exports, drawing attention to the following:

“Gaziantep, for the first time in its history, passed 7 billion dollars and recorded a record of 7 billion 471 million 526 thousand dollars. We tried to solve the problems they experienced and to make them more cautious and equipped in the medium and long term. We will appeal to a much wider audience that will spread throughout the region, not in Gaziantep. “

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