Best Amigurumi Dog Recipe Free

Hello, dear friends… I am again with a cute, amateur amigurumi toy dog.

The dogs, perhaps one of their best friends, will now be sleeping companions.

Dog lovers think it is a great gift for your children. I will give you this cute knit toy puppy dog amigurumi just 15 cm tall,


x: frequent needle

v: to arttımı

 a: decrease

sh: magic ring

 in: chain

 hdc: single half railing.


Yellow color into 6x

 2. (v) 6keez: 12x

3 (x, v) 6kez: 18x

4 (2x, v) 6) times: 24x

 5. (3x, v) 6 times: 30x


 7. (4x, v) 6kez: 36x

 8 (5x, v) 4kez: 40x


17 (8x, a) 4ka: 36

18 (4x, a) 6kez: 30x

19 (3x a) 6kez: 24x

20 (2x, v) 6kez: 18x

21. (x, a) 6 times: fill 12x fibers.


Gray color

1.5zn, start from 2 zn, 3x, last zn 3x, 3x, same zn 3x: 12x

2 (x, v) 6kez: 18x

3 (2x, v) 6kez: 24x

4. (3x, v) 6kez: 30x

5-9.:30x fiber fill nose perpendicular to the head.

Ear 2 pieces;

Purple color

1.6zn, start from 2.zn 4x: 5x return

 Return to Sx by pulling 2-4.:zIncIr

 5.zn + v, 3x, v: 7x turn

6-14.:zn+lx return

15.zn + a, 3x, a 5x

16.zn + a x a: 3x

 Turn around with reverse pinch, perpendicular to the head, mouth, nose and eyes with black rope.


 Pink color into 6x

2. (v) 6 times.12x 3. (v..3 times, 3x) parentesis 2 times eg 18x

4 (2x, v) 6kez: 24x

5. (3x) 46kez: 30x

6. (4x, v) 6kez: 36x


8 (5x a) 6kez: 42x

 Switch to blue 9-13.:42x

Switch to orange 14-21.:42x


30. (5x a) 6kez: 36x

31 (4x, a) 6kez: 30x

32 (3x a) 6kez: 24x

33 (2 * a) 6kez: 18x

34 (x, a) 6kez: 12x

35 (a) 6kez: 6x

perpendicular to the body

Front legs 2 pcs;

 Yellow color into 6x

2 (v) 6ker12x

3. (v.3.3 times.3x) parentesis 2 times eg 18x

 4 (2x.v) 6kez24x

5. (3x.v) 6koz: 30x


 8. (17x, a) 3 times, 7x,: 27x switch to green color 9.13x (a, x) 3 times, Sx: 24x


 Rear legs 2 pcs;

Pink color into 6x

2. (v) 6kez: 12x

3. (v.3.3 times.3x) parentesis 2 times eg 18x

 4. (2x.v) 6 times: 24x

 5. (3x.v: b <ez 30x


8 (17x, a) casted 3, 7X: 27x

 switch to blue

 9.13x (a, x) casted 3, Sx: 24x



 Green color into 6x


3 (x, a) casted 3: 9x


8. (2 * a) casted 3: 12x


Our dog is over.

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