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Amigurumi Strawberry

Our favorite fruit color is strawberry with taste.
I wanted a study like this for short beginners
Strawberry fruit that they can use as a tiny accessory.
It was great to knit with a thick rope. It’s a little different, but when I searched it, I created an easy recipe close to my own.
sweet knits.


YarnArt Jeans hand knitting rope;

1pcs Red (26) color rope

1pcs White (62) color rope

1 pcs Green (52) color rope

2.5 mm crochet hook

Wool Needle


Keychain or magnet bracket


x: Frequent needle

v: Increase

a: Reduction

cc: Loop shift


Red weave with color rope. We do not forget to fill fibers when weaving.

1) Magic ring into 6x

2) (x, v) * 3 (9)

3) (2x, v) * 3 (12)

4) 12x

5) (x, v) * 6 (18)

6) 18x

7) (2x, v) * 6 (24)

8) 24x

9) (3x, v) * 6 (30)

10-11) 30x

12) (3x, a) * 6 (24)

We’re going green.

13) 24x

We continue the leaf without cutting the rope.


We’il keep knitting on the front lobe.

1) Make 3 double handrails on the same stitch, go to the next stitch and do cc, 1 frequent needles and repeat this until the end of the row. (3 double handrails, 1cc, 1x)

2) We turn the leaf parts out and weave from the back lobe. We knit 24x.

3) (2x, a) * 6 (18)

4) (x, a) * 6 (12)

5) 6a (6)

6) 5 chain check, 4x

We make the seeds on the body with random white rope.

We sew the remaining parts with a needle.

And the strawberries are ready to use!

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