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Valentine Heart Knitting

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we continue to demonstrate our creativity using red.
We make hearts and decorate them in a more beautiful way as a gift to our loved ones. I prefer the red color you can choose from the different colors or the special color between you and your loved one.
Making heart can be a special and beautiful choice can be a nice labor indicator for gift in boxes among scented soaps of photos.
This reveals my nacizene idea that you can put more creativity.
Health care….!

Snowball Baby One Red Color Hand Knitting Rope
2.5 mm crochet hook

Our model consists of 3 rows.
1) Make a magic ring and pull 3 chains. In the ring 3 triple handrails, 4 double handrails, 1 triple handrails, 4 double handrails, 3 triple handrails, 2 chains, pull the magic ring and close the needle.
2) Let’s make 2 frequent needles to the chain part we pulled at first, then make three double handrails in the next 3 slots, double railing in the next 3 slots, 2 double railings in the next slot, and double-triple-double railing in the next slot. Let’s make 2 double handrails in the next slot, double handrails in the next 3 slots and three double handrails in the next 3 slots. Let’s give him two pins where the chain is.
3) From the place where we make frequent needles in the previous row, we will make 3 frequent needles and two double handrails in the next 8 slots. Let’s make one double rail in the next five slots. Double rail, 1 chain triple rail, double rail. Let’s make 1 double rail in 5 slots. Let’s make two double handrails for the next 8 slots. At the end of the chains, we need to make a frequent needle and hold it by the sliding method instead of the full joint. Cut the rope and hide it.

Our heart motif is ready!

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