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Do You Cook Your Vegetables? Let’s learn now

When it comes to diet, we can think of vegetables, both in terms of health and in abundance, we can always get vitas from vegetables.
The question in our mind should be, how can we cook them without destroying their vitamins?
In today’s article, we share the cooking times of vegetables. And a cooking recipe with many vegetables.

Vegetables contain vitamins, fibers, nutrients, enzymes and minerals. This is what makes them “healthy”. If you overcook it, you may be destroying some of these nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins.

Says Chef Cristian and should know. Today, we share a useful infographic that will cover the right times for steaming, boiling and microwaving your vegetables. The final of this Veggie Cooking Cheat Sheet
How to Cook Vegetables
Before we shared the Veggie Cooking Cheat Sheet below, we thought this video of Chef Cristian would be interesting. It shows how to cook vegetables correctly and there are some excellent tips and tricks to achieve a perfect result.

This process also allows you to keep vegetables longer in the refrigerator. And it’s as simple as reheating them, taking them out of their containers and whitening again in hot water, or pans to microwave or fry. This Veggie Cooking Cheat Sheet is a must. Kidspot is an excellent reference using this useful guide. From the video we shared, you can see that the optimal results are a direct result of the timing and that your vegetables are better consumed on the crispy side.

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