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Diet Spinach Dinner Recipe

We offer you a delicious flavor with spinach recipe with minced meat. The most useful and the most delicious of winter dishes. If you have those who have trouble making children love, try this way, let’s see how the reactions will be.
Spinach minced meat is a recipe that makes children love spinach. You can serve with or without yogurt. The flavor is very nice.
 Spinach (2KG)
 150 GR Ground Beef
 2 medium onions
 3 spoons tomato paste tomatoes
 black pepper
 3 tablespoons of olive oil.
I chopped the onion. I chopped the onion.
We add spinach, which we washed beautifully before, as we gradually add spinach.
For continuous roasting good mixing and melting of spinach is important.And the spinach itself does not need to put water already watered.
After we make sure that the kvruldugun nice cover and close the lid of the saucepan for 10 minutes more low-fire cook.
After 10 minutes, let’s close the diaper and leave the lid slightly open so that excess steam water comes out.
We did these operations until there was very little juice left over.
If you wish you can not put ground beef with yogurt will have a delicious flavor in the service.
 Bon Appetit!

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