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Crochet Bookends

Crochet Bookends

You can make crochet bookends in color and sell them. You can gift. The rope used can be acrylic yarn, cotton yarn, and you can even try it with combed yarn. Do it the way you want to use it yourself. If it will be a gift, I recommend acrylic or cotton.

Crochet bookmark template; filled black dots: loop shift, + signs with frequent needles are made, hollow dots are chained, long lines are made of handrails. T-shaped 2-piece handrail only line ones are false liar.
Flower making: we start by making a magic ring. We draw 3 chains and make 9 handrails. We pull 2 ​​chains and go to the top row, let’s make 1 handrail on the next loop, pull 1 chain, make 1 handrail, make 1 handrail on the next loop, then knit the last loops of the ikrabza together (think like making a peanut, do the second without completing the handrail, complete the second one). In the last row of the flower we make bud with chains. You can follow the diagram with 4 chains.

You can knit the stem and leaf by wire or just knit. May it be easy for everyone.

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