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Best Free Amigurumi Dolls Crochet Patterns

Hi friends, If you have a baby girl who likes to play Knitting Baby, I’m sure she will love this baby too.
Amigurumi dolls are narrated by handmade. Amigurumi how to make, how to learn if you say you will find the finest details on this site.

You can prepare a baby doll for your baby. Baby dolls will become a healthier toy for your children and you will be happy when your children play with the toy you made.

In this article we will share the most current and wonderful amigurumi baby crochet patterns.

Knitting Toy Baby Recipe;

Before moving on to our recipe, make sure you have at least fifty percent cotton when buying amigurumi rope in knitted toys. In amigurumi babies I usually use ropes, alize cotton gold, gazzal baby cotton, yarn art jeans.

Dress, viburnum organica prints

Skin color, yarn art ideal

Hair, yarn art begonia

12 mm eye, white felt, 1.90 mm crochet, beaded fiber rope, crochet, fiber, needle, scissors are the basic materials that must be used in all toys.

Amigurumi Terms;

Some abbreviated terms used in knitting toy recipes




W = 3 times in the same loop



Arm Making;

We continue to make knitted toys with arm.

We start the 1st row Arm making with 6 frequent pins into the magic ring.

2nd row V.X.V.X.V.X = 9 frequent needles

3rd row V.4X.V.3X. = 11 frequent needles

4th row X.V.5X.V.3X = 13 frequent needles

5th row 2X.popcorn.10X = 13 frequent needles

6. Place 13 frequent needles

7th row 2X.A.4X.A.3X = 11 frequent needles

(8-24) sorts 11 common needles

With green color,

12 common needles to be held in 1st row Blo

2nd row 3X.V.3X.V.3X.V = 15 frequent needles

1 chain, 1 stitch shift, 1 chain, 1 stitch shift from the bottom of green with pink rope.

3rd row 4X.V.4X.V.4X.V = 18 frequent needles

(4-7) sorts of 18 frequent needles

8th row 4X.A.4X.A.4X.A = 15 frequent needles

9th row 3X.A.3X.A.3X.A = 12 frequent needles

10th row 4X.A.4X.A = 10 frequent needles

Foot Making;

We moved to the foot section of knitting toy making.

Start with the green color, pull 5 chains and make 3 frequent needles.

1st row 5 chain, 3X.W.2X.V = 10 frequent needles skipping the first loop

2nd row V.2X.3V.2X.2V = 16 common needles

3rd row X.V.2X.X.V.X.V.X.V.2X.X.V.X.V = 22 frequent needles

22 frequent needles will be knitted between 4th and 9th rows.

To make a heel,

10th row 11X. frost. 1 chain. skip the first stitch. 7X.A. frost. 1 chain. skip the first stitch. 5X. A. Return. 1 chain. skip the first stitch. 3X. A. Return

11th row 1 chain. 21X. Bowknot scroll C.C

12th row 1 chain. 21X. Bowknot scroll C.C

13th row 1 chain. 5X.A.5X.A.5X.A. Bowknot scroll C.C

14th row 1 chain. 18X. Bowknot shift = 18 frequent needles

15-20. 1 chain between rows, 18X, loop shift = 18 frequent pins

21st line Switch to pink, fill fiber.

Knit from the front of the loop. 1 chain, 1 loop to be knitted in the form of scroll.

Leg Making;

We continue with skin color.

row 1 chain, 8X, skip 1 stitch, 8X, 1 stitch shift = 16 frequent pins

Knit 16 frequent needles with 25th rows.

Switch to green Weave 3 rows. Then center the two legs together with 3 chains and connect them together.

Body Construction;

1st row 7X, V, 9X, V, 8X, V, 9X, V, X = 42 frequent needles

Knit eight rows of 42 frequent needles between rows 2 and 9).

10th row 12X, A, 12X, A, 12X, A = 39 knitting needles.

Knit 39 frequent needles in rows 11 through 12.

Knit the 13th row 11X, A, 11X, A, 11X, A = 36 frequent needles.

14-15) Knit needles in rows 36 frequently.

Knit 16 frequent rows of 10X, A, 10X, A, 10X, A = 33 frequent needles.

17-18) Knit 33 frequent needles in rows.

Knit 19th row A, 9X, A, 9X, A, 9X = 30 frequent needles.

20-21-22) Knit 30 frequent needles in rows.

Knit 23 rows 29X, V = 31 frequent needles.

Knit 24 frequent rows of 5X, V, 9X, V, 5X, V, 9X = 34 frequent needles.

25-26) Knit 34 frequent needles in rows.

27th row 32X, knit A = 33 frequent needles.

Knit 28, 6X, A, 18X, 4x knitting needles, knit X, A = 31 frequent needles.

Knit together 29th row 6X, A, X, 4X sleeve, knit X, A, 6X, A, 2X, A, 3X = 27 frequent needles.

Knit the 30th row 2X, A, 5X, A, X, A, 2X, A, 2X, A, X, A, 2X = 21 frequent needles.

31st row 7X, A, 5X,

Go skin color

Knit Blo 20 frequent needles from the back side with the 1st row skin color.

Knit 2 needles 4X, A, 8X, A, 4X = 18 frequent needles.

Knit 18 frequent needles in rows 3 to 4.

5. Knit the row 18 stitch scroll.

Head Making;

We continue through the hull. The head will be knitted together with the body.

1st row of 24 common needles

2nd row of 30 common needles

3rd row 36 common needles

4th row 42 common needles

5. 48 frequent needles

6 54 frequent needles

7. 60 common needles

8. 66 frequent needles

9. Knit 66 rows of 4 needles between 12 rows.

13th row of 60 common needles

14th row 54 frequent needles

His eyes will be placed between the 16th and 17th rows. There will be 10 frequent needles between the two eyes.

Knit 54 frequent needles between 25 rows and 15 rows.

26th row of 48 frequent needles

27th row of 42 frequent needles

28th row 36 frequent needles

29th row of 30 frequent needles

30th row of 24 frequent needles

31. row of 18 frequent needles

32 rows of 12 common needles

33. row 6 frequent needles

Row 34, close them all.

Clothes making;

We’re pulling together 36 chains of 1st row.

2nd row 1 chain, 36 frequent pins, bowknot scroll

3 ranks to 10 rows 4 chains, 1 stitch skip, 1 railing, 2 chains, 1 stitch skip, 1 railing, 2 chains, 1 stitch skip continue. Make 8 rows of holes in this way.

11th row 2T, 2 chains, 2T (jump to the other hole without pulling the chain) 2T, 2 chains, 2T …… ..This will be the solid of the dress. You can see how many rows are made by looking at the picture.

We make the skirt part of the dress 3 layers. There will be 8 rows of 13 frequent needles for the front part of the halter.

Pull 16 chains for the arm hanger.

Making Wigs;

1st row 6X

2nd row 12X

3rd row 18X

4th row 24X

5th row 30X

6th row 36X

7th row 42X

8th row 48X

9th place 54X

10th place 60X

11th row 66X

12th place 72X

13th, 16th places 72X

17th row 11X, V, 47X, V, 11X, V = 75X

18-19 Sorts 75X

20th row 12X, V, 48X, V, 12X, V = 78X

Sights 21-22-23 78X

Shoe Making;

Pull 1 chain of 7 chains, skip the first chain and make 5 single handrails Knit 4 single handrails into the last loop. Knit 4 single handrails, double sink in the last hole. Slip stitch 1 Pull 1 chain and move up 1.

2nd row will be 1 chain, V, 3T, 4V, 3T, 2V, loop = 22 stitches.

3rd row 1 chain, T, 3T, (T, V), 4, 3T, (T, V) .2, scroll stitch = 29 stitches

Switch to pink

Pull the 4th row 1 chain, remove the loops from the back with BLO. 29 knitting needles, knit the knot.

5-7 rows 1 chain, 20X, shift the loop.

8th row 1 chain, 8X, (A, X9.5, 6X, loop stitch = 24 frequent needles

Switch to white.

After making 7 frequent needles for the right foot, pull 25 chains and sink in the same place.

After 18 frequent needles for the left foot, pull 25 chains and sink into the same loop.

Hat making;

1st row magic ring into 6 frequent needles

2nd row of 12 common needles

3rd row of 18 common needles

4th row of 24 frequent needles

5th row of 30 common needles

6th row 36 common needles

7. row 42 frequent needles

8th row of 48 frequent needles

9. row 54 frequent needles

10th row of 60 common needles

11th row of 66 frequent needles

12th row of 66 frequent needles

13th row 72 common needles

72 frequent needles between 14-20 rows

21th row 78 frequent needles

22. row 78 common needles

23rd row 2 chains, 2T, 1 chain (skip 1 stitch), 2T, 1 chain (skip 1 stitch)

Make the 24th row 1 chain, knit 78 stitches.

25th color change. 1 chain (12X, V) .6 = 84 frequent needles

26th row 1 chain, 6X, (V, 13X) .5, V, 7X, = 90 frequent needles

27th row 1 chain, (14X, V) .6 = 96 frequent needles

28th row 1 chain, 7X, (V, 15X), 5, V, 8X = 102 frequent needles

Change 29th color. Knit 1 chain, 102 frequent needles.

Easy, friends.

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