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Best Amigurumi Rabbit Making

Hi friends, we are together with a new knitting toy recipe. Today I’m going to give you a very fun, sweet recipe. I am sure you will like the Amigurumi droopy-eared rabbit recipe…

Knitting doll is as much fun to work with as you knit toy animal figures and you can produce different things using your imagination.

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Alize cotton gold, gazzal baby cotton, yarn art jeans brand ropes you can choose.

Before we go to our recipe for droopy-eared rabbits, let’s give amigurumi terms for ease of knitting.










Amigurumi Drooping Eared Rabbit Recipe

Amigurumi droopy-eared rabbit materials required for the recipe amigurumi rope, (cotton rope), 10 mm eye, bead fiber, needles, scissors are required.

Arm Recipe

We start our recipe with droopy ears by making arm.

Knit 6X into the 1st row magic ring.

Double-sink each hole in the 2nd row and weave a total of 12X.

Knit rows 4X with 3rd row 12X.

Start filling with fiber.

Knit the 5th row 9X.

Weave 10X in 6th row.

20 th place will be 10X with 7th place.

We finished the arm making. Knit the other arm in the same way.

Leg Recipe

droopy-eared rabbit with leg-making.

Pull 9 chains.

1st row 7X, 3V, 6X, 2V, total 18X.

The second row is 2V, 2V, 4X, 2V, 2V, 2V, 2V, 2V, 4X, 2V, 2V, 2V, for a total of 28X.

The third row is 2V, X, 2V, 4X, 2V, X.

4th row 2X, 2V, 2X, 2V, 4X, 2V, 2X, 2V, 2X, 2V, 2X, 2V, 2X, 2V, 2X, 4X, 2X, 2V, 2X, 2V, 2X, 2V, total 48X weave .

Weave 48X in 7th row with 5th row.

8th row 6X, A, 6X, A, 6X, A, 6X, A, 6X, A, 6X, A, weave a total of 42X.

9th row 12X, 9A, 12X, total 33X.

10th row 9X, 3A, 9A, total 30X weave.

11th row 9X, 6A, 9X, total 24X.

12th row 2X, A, 2X, A, 2X, A, 2X, A, 2X, A, 2X, A, weave a total of 18X.

13th row 3X, 6A, 3X, total 12X.

Knit rows 15X in the 14th row.

16th row 3X, 2V, 3X, 2V, 3X, 2V, total 15X.

Weave 15X in rows 17 and 20.

21st row 4X, 2V, 4X, 2V, 4X, 2V, total 18X.

Knit lines 25X in sequence 22 and 18X

Leg construction is over. Knit the other leg in the same way.

Body Description

Fill the legs with fiber before proceeding with the trunk construction.

Connect the 26 th row two legs to each other with 3 chains. Meanwhile, the total number of one leg will be 21X.

27th row of the 3 chains on the chain we put 3X frequent needles 21X continue knitting. Repeat 3X on the chain and weave 21X. Total 48X.

Weave 48X between 28th and 34th rows.

35th row 6X, A, 6X, A, 6X, A, 6X, A, 6X, A, 6X, A, total 42X.

Weave 42X in the 36th row and the 37th row.

38th row 5X, A, 5X, A, 5X, A, 5X, A, 5X, A, 5X, A, total 36X.

Knit the 39th row and the 40th row 36X.

41st row 4X, A, 4X, A, 4X, A, 4X, A, 4X, A, 4X, A, total 30X.

Weave 30X in rows 42 to 43.

44th row 3X, A, 3X, A, 3X, A, 3X, A, 3X, A, 3X, A, total 24X.

Knit 45th row 24X.

46th row 2X, A, 2X, A, 2X, A, 2X, A, 2X, A, 2X, A, weave a total of 18X.

Weave rows 49X in sequence 47X to 18X.

50th row 12X weave

We’re done building the hull. You can put wires inside the arms if you want the arms to be playful when joining the arms to the body.

Tail Making;

We continue our recipe with droopy ears with tail making.

Knit 6X into the 1st row magic ring.

Weave 12X in the 2nd row (Double sink in each hole)

Knit the 3rd row 12X.

4th row 2X, A, 2X, A, 2X, A, total 9X weave.

Head Making;

We continue with head construction.

6X into 1st row magic ring

2nd row 12X (double penetration into each hole)

3rd row 18X (1 eg, 1 raise)

4th row 24X (2 eg, 1 raise)

5th row 30X (3 eg, 1 raise)

6th row 36X (4 eg, 1 raise)

7th row 36X

8th row 42X (5 eg, 1 raise)

9. Weave 42X.

10th row 48X (6 eg, increase 1)

Knit rows 48X in row 11.

15th row 12V, 4X, 12V, 20X total 72X pattern.

16th row 72X weave.

17th row 52X, A, 16X, A, total 70X.

18th row 52X, A, 14X, A, total 68X.

19th row 52X, A, 12X, A, total 66X.

Don’t forget to put the eyes in the 14th and 15th place.

20th row 52X, A, 10X, A, total 64X.

21st row 52X, A, 8X, A, total 62X.

22nd row 52X, A, 6X, A, total 60X.

Knit 23rd row 60X.

24th row 54X weave (8 eg, 1 subtract)

25th row 2X, A, (5 times), 8X, 2X, A, (6 times) total 42X.

26th row X, A, (5 times), 8X, A, X (5 times) total 30X

27th row 3X, A total 24X.

28th row 2X, A, total 18X.

How is face contouring done?

Head-making is over. Now it’s time to face. How is face contouring done? You can do the tricks shown in the pictures.

Ear Recipe;

1. Braid 6X into the magic ring in sequence.

2nd row 12X

3rd row 18X

4th row 24X

5th row 26X

6th row 30X

7th row 30X

8th place 34X

9th place 34X

10th place 38X

Weave 38X in 25th rows in 11th row.

26th place 36X

27th place 34X

28th place 32X

29th place 30X

30th place 28X

31st place 26X

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